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With the yard ship lift potential to handle the vessels up to 9000 Ton, with the measurement of 102 meters in length, and 32 meters in breadth,two quays measuring to 8 m deep x 190m long while another is 6m deep x 375m long. The ship lift transfer system stores the vessels on 9 dry berths. Our major dry dockfacilities provided are as follows:
  • Electrical and shore power supply
  • Temporary lighting
  • Fire line provisions, fire precautions and fire watchman
  • Fresh water supply
  • Garbage removal
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Access gangway
  • Compressed air 100 PSI for ship usage
  • Gas free certificate
  • Staging/scaffolding
  • Overboard plugs
  • Bunkering services
  • Carnage facility up to 200 Ton.
 Specification of Synchrolift


  • Lifting Capacity:9000 Ton (35 ton/m) 
  • Platform size:80m x 17m
  • No. of dry berths:09 (two stage transfer system)