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Zamil offshore Services was founded in 1977 as a 100% Saudi Company working in diversified business fields. Its scope of work covers; offshore marine services, ship chandeling, ship chartering, Offshore Hook-up projects, Offshore shipbuilding, ship & rigs repair and sea ports operation and management.

Marine Operation Division

This division is now renowned as one of the largest specialized offshore and marine services providers in the Middle East. It owns and operates the largest specialized offshore Fleet in the Arabian Gulf. Most of its fleet vessels are in long-term charter to Saudi Aramco, and few are in short term charter to companies in Qatar and UAE.

Its Fleet is expanding and will reach 55 vessel by mid 2009 (Currently we operate 46 vessel and have 9 more vessel under contruction in Saudi Arabia and China); Our fleet vessel include; Anchor Handling AHTSS vessel, Utility boats, Work boats and crew boats. Zamil's fleet vessel average age is less than 5 years

Shipbuilding, Ship & Rigs Repair Division.

This division manages and operates Zamil shipyard located inside Dammam port. Zamil shipyard facilities spread over 121,400 square meters with 500 meters waterfront. The yard has a ship lift, which can handle vessel up to 1500 tons, 80 meters in length and 15 meters in breadth. The ship lift transfer system stores the vessel on 9 dry berths. Its 750 highly skilled workers enable it to undertake any building, repair or conversion job, survey work, regular hull and engine servicing and damage repair.

For almost three decades, Zamil shipyard was working in the maintenance, repair and conversion of offshore vessel and in 2002, it ventured in shipbuilding and since then it became the premier and only shipbuilders in the Kingdom.

Now, it is considered one of the significant shipbuidling and ship repair yards on the Arabian Gulf. It has built and delivered 19 vessel in six years; 3 harbor tugs, one pilot boat for the Saudi Arabia Ports Authority, 2 Offshore utility vessels and 9 state of the art Diesel-Electric anchor handling tugs/supply/safety vessel, one diving and 3 Rolls Royce UT 733-2 AHTS vessel for own fleet.

The outstanding performance of the Zamil Diesel-Electric class & the Roll Royce AHTS vessels which have been delivered to work with Saudi Aramco ib their offshore oil fields in the Arab Gulf, encouraged Saudi Aramco to charter all Zamil built vessel in long term contracts.

In addition to current building program, Zamil Shipbuilding has signed a contract with Rolls Royce Marine to build under license agreement, more Anchor Handling Vessel of the UT 733-2.

Zamil shipyard order book includes also; one buoy handling vessel and 3 tugs for the Saudi Ports Authority, 2 Tugs for the Saudi Royal Navy and one diving support vessel for Saudi owner.

Zamil shipbuilding order book is full with building orders up to mid 2012.

Engineering & Contruction Services Division.

Division is working in the specialized field of offshore Hook-up projects with Saudi ARAMCO. Its contract is for seven years, for the Maintenance, Upgrade, Modification and Commissioning Support for ARAMCO's rigs in the Arabian Gulf.

Sea Port Operation Division

Zamil Offshore operates the navigation and pilotage at King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam, serving about 2400 vessels calling annually. It operates the navigation tower and 9 harbor tugs, 2 pilots boats, one fire boat and one skimmer, one floating crane and one garbage collection barge.