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Zamil shipyard in the Naval exhibition

Continue on the waterfront news the festival and the exhibition accompanying events celebrate the Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Transport with IMO World Maritime Day, under the slogan «indispensable for maritime transport in the world», where he launched the festival in the presence of the President of the ports by Dr. Nabil Al Amoudi, and the presence of the Secretary General of the international Maritime Organization, Mr. Koji, and representatives from several sister countries, in addition to active participation by a number of ministries and government agencies led by the Ministry of transport and the General Organization of ports, as well as the maritime company and a number of major companies and institutions related to the maritime transport industry, which It reflects the importance of organizing the Kingdom to this day and the events associated with the global and regional levels.
The festival includes performances, events disembark canopy, nautical and review by the border guards, in addition to the exhibition of 30 hand involving different sectors and ministries of state, in addition to the participation of the private sector through major shipping companies.
It is noteworthy that the activities of the celebration of World Maritime Day was launched the day before yesterday in the East Room, sponsored by the Governor of the Eastern region, the establishment of a symposium under the title «maritime transport in the light of the Kingdom's Vision 2030» where he held two meetings dealt with during which everything related to the maritime transport sector, and the march of maritime transport, industry transport, with a review of some of the experiences that owned Aramco marine company that is the second largest carrier oil in the world.